Secret Marketeers

The Secret Marketeers are a mysterious bunch!

I’m not sure I should even be talking openly about them. Contained in the following pages are their dossiers. This is all top secret and highly classified for your eyes only stuff.

Above all make sure you remember to forget everything I have told you and what ever you do don’t forget to tell everything you just forgot to anybody who wont breath a word to anyone else!

Your mission is to study these shady characters in depth and figure out which ones to target at The Secret Market. They have been hand picked for their uncanny resourcefulness and devilish chameleon-like ingenuity.
Good luck.

Case Notes

Please note some files are still locked for security reasons pending further information (from sources we can not divulge). We will be unlocking one file per day in the run up to The Secret Market. The files are time sensitive and may self destruct so make sure you pay attention Bond

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