Secret Market November 3: Two Rivers Press

Introducing another of our secret marketeers: Two Rivers Press

Two Rivers Press has been publishing in and about Reading since 1994. Founded by the artist Peter Hay (1951-2003), the press continues to delight readers, local and further afield, with its varied list of individually designed, thought-provoking books.

Recently published books about Reading and its environs include:

Believing in Reading: Our places of worship
by Adam Sowan
Fascinating accounts of the history and architecture
of our ecclesiastical heritage. £10.00 978-1-901677-84-3

Broad Street Chapel & the origins of dissent in Reading
by Geoff Sawers
New ed. The history of the church and its origins
from the 1500s, through puritanism and persecution
in the 1600s, respectability in the 1800s and finally,
decline in the 1960s. £7.95 978-1-901677-89-8

Newtown: a photographic journey 1974
by Terry Allsop
Evocative black and white images of the streets,
the houses, the canal and the people of Newtown
just prior to its redevelopment. £10.00 978-1-901677-88-1

The Reading Quiz book
by Adam Sowan
A witty, entertaining and challenging set of questions
to stimulate curiosity about this much-maligned town.
£5.99 978-1-901677-76-8

Birds, Blocks and Stamps
by Robert Gillmor
Beautiful bird illustrations by famous local wildlife
artist, commissioned by Royal Mail for Post & Go
stamps. £12.50 978-1-901677-79-9

Bizarre Berkshire
by Duncan Mackay
A wacky and entertaining A–Z guide to weird and
wonderful goings-on in the Royal County.
£8.99 ISBN 978-1-901677-77-5

And there are 4 recently published books of poetry too, including

A Mutual Friend: poems for Charles Dickens
ed. by Peter Robinson
An anthology of poems by contemporary writers
responding to the life and work of this most enduringly
popular of novelists. £10.00 978-1-901677-78-2

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