Secret Market November 3: Stealthbunny

Introducing one of our secret marketeers: Stealthbunny

“Stealthbunny Ltd. is me, Lisa Cresswell. I first made my own buttons when making my collections in the final year of my design degree. That was a long, long time ago, 20 years indeed. After graduating I drifted into management for a telecoms company; it became a long and fruitful career but in 2007 I decided to take some time out and find a new direction. After some supportive prompting from friends & colleagues, I decided to set up in business.

Being passionate about beautiful textiles, clothes and the fun people can have with the way people dress themselves as well as having a working knowledge of gemstones and clothing design and silver smithing  it very quickly came down to bringing all these interests and skills together.

Primarily I focus on producing novel, amusing or extra special buttons (with small additions of knitting patterns and jewellery.) I make buttons for people like me, people who feel the compulsion to create lovely “stuff,” (commercially or for fun) and who find the current range of commonly available buttons, somehow lacking. So between the “re-contextualising” everyday things; semi precious gemstones; silver and some vintage pieces and sources that about covers it. Something, I hope, to make everyone smile.”

Photograph by Mike Taylor,



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