Secret Market November 3: R3 Emporium

Introducing one of our secret marketeers: R3 Emporium

R3 Emporium It started with us looking at old pieces of furniture that no one seemed to want and that were being sold for what seemed like very low prices at various auctions. We thought how beautiful and well made they were when compared with similar priced modern items.

The trouble is that fashions change and also many of the pieces were very dark and “solid” looking and would not look good in a modern home setting especially as most ordinary homes are pretty small. These dark wood pieces would loom too large in a small modern room.

By making the pieces lighter, painting them or removing many old layers of varnish, they seem to take on a whole new life. Some people might think that it’s a crime to paint over lovely wood, such as oak. I agree to some extent, but then again it’s much more of a crime to send these lovely old, well-crafted pieces to landfill!!

I am an ardent recycler of all things and have always had a great love of art, design, homes, interiors, textures and colours. I suppose I am the one in the partnership who chooses most of the items we buy, whereas Russ is the one who actually does all the hard work in transforming them into something that we hope others will love and admire.

The look of the finished piece comes from collaboration between us however it’s wholly the result of Russ’s hard graft.


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