Secret Market November 3: Jessica Bleasby

Introducing one of our secret marketeers: Jessica Bleasby

Jessica is already a renowned national artist with strong Berkshire connections.  She cemented her prestige with a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art from the Winchester School of Art.

Her work is described as “uplifting & bringing a sense of joy” by the critics, celebrating the visual power of light and illumination within objects and abstract scenes.  The combining of various mediums such as fine glitter, spray paint and on oils in her painting sets Jessica apart. The use of realism and abstraction in her work demonstrates a unique skill rarely found in today’s art market.

Her works are shown in numerous prestigious galleries and exhibitions around the country.

Jessica says about her work:

I am currently creating paintings that explore vibrant and uplifting colour combinations. I draw a lot of inspiration from the incredible colours, patterns and depth that can be found in natural scenes and landscapes.


Power Of The Sun, Diptych, 61 x 70cm, oil, glitter, spray paint and gloss on canvas. £300

My paintings are often made by building up different layers of paint. Sometimes the paint is poured creating swirls and marbled patterns. I also use a pallet knife to drag and manipulate thick paint over the canvas. This creates great textures and blending effects. Often once under layers have dried I will decide to add realist details, fine glitter or spray paint or a high gloss finish to get the effect that I want.

Canary Stalactites, 30 x 30cm, Oil, glitter and gloss on canvas. £ 250

I like to think of my work as being multi faceted and layered just as is the human mind when combined with visual perception and emotional experience. I am inspired by natural elements such as flowers, water, rocks, insects and whether as a subject used to express my own feelings and experiences.

The Discovery, 30 x 30cm, Oil, glitter and gloss on canvas. £250


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