Secret Market November 3: Salvo Toscano

Photography by Salvo Toscano



Introducing another of our secret marketeers: Salvo Toscano

Salvo photographs people and places and things though not necessarily in this order and often together.
Salvo uses photography as a mean to engage the viewer in a photographic narrative. Wandering and observing happenings in the environment around him is fascinating and never repetitive. A picture of people passing by, going about their business, of what people do, how they look, how they interact either with other people or the environment around them. But also watching things, how they look from different perspective or the shadow they cast or looking just at the shapes how they place themselves in the world around them and me.

Capturing the right moment requires patience, sympathy, affinity, adaptation and perseverance.
His photography is a documentary and an appreciation for what is seen and experienced.

Based in Reading Salvo is resident photographer at the Jelly arts organisation and a member of the Whiteknight Studio Trail in Reading since 2010.

Most of the prints are traditionally handmade black and white silver gelatin prints

Salvo photographs and takes private and commercial assignments and projects, be it portraiture, editorial, PR or an event. Feel free to enquiry and ask if you would like to find out more about portraits and other services or about fine art prints as great art display for your homes.


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The Passenger

Photography by Salvo Toscano

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